The Sound of the Tropics!


The US Military is airlifting US Citizens stranded in Dominica, to Martinique.  Evacuation flights are from Douglas-Charles (Melville) International Airport and operate during daylight hours only.  

Bring only a US Passport and one carry-on bag. Except for Service Dogs, no pets are allowed.  US Citizens may proceed directly to the Airport as the flights are on a first-come basis.

(This is OFFICIAL UNCLASSIFIED message content authorized by US Dept of State.)


We’ll See you Next Week at the Beautiful Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour for the Annual International Marlin Tournament!  July 28th to the 31st.  Get Ready for Serious fishing and Fun!

Please feel free to visit the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour site for More details and Updates!   We’ll see you there July 28th – 31st! All the best luck to Captains and Crew!


~ AHOY MATEY!  ~   Abandoned gun platforms and anchored near-derelict ships – like Radio Caroline pictured below – housed pirate radio stations in the 1960’s, broadcasting forbidden rock-n-roll and soul music to listeners within reach of their AM signals.
In the same free-spirit, twenty-first century radio ‘pirates’ are leaving the heavily regulated and limited coverage of AM and FM in their wake, in favor of Internet streaming and the new digital HD Radio.  Pyrate Radio is a commercial HD Radio and broadband network portal, anchored in ‘Trop Rock’ and island music – a reminder of the joy of sailing away to ‘Live the Dream.” Tradewinds Radio and Cruising Outpost Magazine thank you for years of loyalty and invite you to join as a founder of Pyrate Radio.  


Come sail the BVI May 27-June 3. Performing at Corsairs, Foxys, Bomba Shack, Myett’s and more!Please call Bridgette at 888.703.3173 ext 47012 for group bookings. Refer to the Eric Stone Flotilla 2017. Bridgette will handle grouping people together on vessels if you would prefer to share costs and/or need a skipper. Visit our website at

Thanks to all the sponsors! Sunsail, Cruising Outpost, Railean Rum, Pyrate Radio, Maritime Institute and Sew Far Sew Good.


Thanks again to all!  Fantastic Event!


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The Third Annual St Maarten Cruising Outpost – Tradewinds Radio Cruisers Party and Beach Bash was a roaring success.
The Buccaneer Beach Bar on Kimsha beach was packed with 400 Cruisers and friends enjoyed boat drinks, a pig roast, and danced in the sand to three bands headlined by Don Clayton. (www.donclaytonmusic,com) Dr. Soc of Island92 and Bob Bitchin of Cruising Outpost did the MC and prize-giving honors.




Cruising Outpost Magazine and Tradewinds Radio Network will again host cruisers parties in the Caribbean in early 2017. The St. Maarten party will again rock Kimsha Beach in Dutch St. Maarten, this time on Saturday February 25, 2017. The BVI Cruisers party will be at Nanny Cay on Tortola on Monday March 6th. This should be a real sailor’s function as it will also be the final party of the venerable Dark & Stormy race. Details will post at and

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I92 Banner
Watch for “Fresh Air In The Morning with Dr. Soc” to join the Tradewinds 105.1 line up early in September. Airing from 7 to 11 AM daily, the show is number 1 in the St. Maarten-Anguilla-St. Barths media market. Originating at sister station Island 92, St. Maarten’s home of classic rock, blues, good time music, and local events. Welcome to Tradewinds 105.1 Dr Soc!


CO DJ Cartoon
Readers of Cruising Outpost Magazine – the most popular publication with the cruising community – can now stream Tradewinds Radio LIVE directly at  Tune in and Turn it up!



Once  again, Tradewinds Radio was pleased to be a sponsor of the Cruising Outpost Cruisers Party at the Strictly Sail Miami Boat Show. This was the 19th year of Latitudes and Attitudes and Cruising Outpost party’s thanking cruisers for their loyalty and patronage. Several dozen active live-aboard cruisers attended, plus several hundred ‘leaving soon’ cruisers buying very cool marine equipment and toys at the show. As usual the Cruising Outpost booth was mobbed with show visitors wanting the famous pirate gear (arrggghhh!) and to say hello to Bob Bitchin. Sponsors supplied free beer and pizza that kept the party crowd warm on a typical cool Miami winter night. The cruisers’ favorite, Eric Stone Band entertained the mob with cruising tunes, trop-rock originals, and rock and roll. The charity raffle raised money for a new tall-ship being built in California as a youth training vessel.

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2nd Annual SXM Beach Bash and Cruisers Party is now in the History Books!

Tradewinds Radio and Cruising Outpost Magazine Was Pleased to Spend the Successful Beach Bash with all our cruising fans and loyal listeners!

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Tradewinds Radio and Cruising Outpost Magazine were pleased to sponsor the 2nd annual St. Maarten Beach Bash and Cruiser Party on tropical Kimsha Beach, Dutch St. Maarten. The dinghy dock at the famous Buccaneer Beach Bar was jammed with RIB’s from cruising yachts. Mega-yacht crew, tourists from around the world, and fun-loving St. Maarten listeners filled out the party crowd!  Cruisers received drink jackets to keep their boat drink cool. The raffle raised over $1,000 for local charity! One White Chick band rocked the crowd dancing in the sand with everything from Island sounds to funk. It was great fun!

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Beautiful Myett’s on Cane Garden Bay, Tortola British Virgin Islands again was the venue for Tradewinds Radio and Cruising Outpost Magazine’s 2nd Annual BVI Beach Bash and Cruisers Party, this year with a Mardi Gras theme complete with beads and masks! Several hundred cruisers and holiday makers from the US, Canada, and Europe enjoyed boat drinks, great food, and the got down to the blues, funk and rock music of Chris Klein and the Boulevards, direct from New Orleans. Winners of the charity raffle took home, restaurant and spa gift certificates from Myett’s, a case of famous Mount Gay Rum from Road Town Wholesale, subscriptions to Cruising Outpost Magazine raising $1,000 for the Youth Sailing Program of the Royal BVI Yacht Club. and all cruisers took a souvenir drink jacket home to their boat.

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 The St.Maarten Heineken Regatta is one of the “must do” events in the Caribbean, whether you attend for the sailing or the concerts, you won’t want to miss it.  Check out and then Join us for the 35th edition of the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta March 3-6, 2016!


Hello Loyal Local Listeners! “Tradewinds Radio – Local Live Streaming” is Now Launched For your pleasure!

“Tradewinds Radio – Live Streaming” is Now Launched on TuneIn Radio!  Click the Icon to launch your high quality personal party stream!TWR on TuneIn-Radio!

‘A Changes In Latitude’ Attitude  for our Loyal Listeners
Livin’ the dream, or just dreaming about it, Tradewinds’ stirs visions of warm white sands and tropical seas. Tradewinds’ is a happy mix of Pop, classic country, classic rock, and easy listening tunes are blended with a bit of classic reggae and calypso into a tropical delight – Music you can sing along to, and just enough news, weather, and features to keep informed. Tradewinds says enjoy ‘Tranquility Wrapped in Blue and Take the vacation home with you! Click on ‘Listen Live’ to hear it now!  Click Here to join the Tradewinds Club for lots of great steals and deals.

“Tradewinds Radio – The Sound Of The Tropics” is programming for a rapidly growing network of FM radio and online broadcasters serving the rapidly growing affluent 35-65+ expatriate and visitor populations in Florida, the Caribbean and Central America.

From the Florida Keys to the Tobago Cays, hear Tradewinds Radio on local broadcast affiliates, as well as marinas, hotels, and online at




  1. Trade winds radio is an enjoyable blend of music for sailing in the Caribbean and pretty much anyplace else. Keep it going! Best, D

    1. Hi Jec.

      Found out they Do:
      Mon-Sat: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
      Sun: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

      I’d imagine times are also a bit flexible ;} Enjoy!

  2. Would anyone know who sings the reggee song that goes: ba ba da ba ba da revolution coming…I hear it on 104.5 Turks and Caicos, but can’t find it anywhere…thank you…

  3. Thanks, and thanks too for playing Michael Franti and Spearhead the other morning; what a great way to start the morning drive to the office off right! We love your blend of reggae, steel pan, country and western and pop music; something for everyone. Been here 34 years and you guys are the best in all that time. Hope you are around for the long haul.

    1. Hello! I believe that is by Eric Stone. He’s a Florida and Cruiser favorite! Here is a quick link to it. Also, you can find a most of his music on his site HERE
      Stay warm and See you soon!

      1. It was great to see them play live at the Miami Strictly Sail show. Cold beer, Pizza and Lots of cruisers!

  4. I just came back from our second trip to St. Martin and sooooo happy to find this station on the computer. Like others keep mentioning, BEST station of all time. I love the mix and the tunes that are playing are by far much better then all the stations in the US that just play the same thing over and over. So happy I can stream this to keep listening! Don’t change a thing, just keep playing all the amazing tunes!!!

  5. I always used my iPhone as an mp3 player through the auxiliary port in my pick up, due to the fact that radio stations always play mixed garbage. First time I heard this station, i was hooked. All my radios are stuck on this station, which plays all genres with the best songs ever written. I have to admit that this is the best radio station I’ve ever listened to, in my life that is.

  6. Sounded female…was a nice soft reggae beat, but unfortunately I’ve never heard the song title or name of the artist when it’s been on. Do you have a full daily playlist posted somewhere? Sorry for the trouble, I’d just love to find that song. Thanks!

  7. Great radio station!! What’s the song I’ve heard recently .. something like.. ‘I’ll take a stand’…it’s played a lot, and would like to find the name of this song, along with artist. Keep the great tunes playing!

    1. Hello! Glad you enjoy the tunes! We searched a bit.. but no luck.. Do you recall if it was a male or female voice? Country, Reggie or modern tune? Hum a few bars at the PC screen maybe ;}

  8. You have to Love the Tropics in the Summer… You know by that 3-4pm daily shower that Happy Hour is close! Who needs a Pesky Watch ;}

  9. Awesome music!… We first heard Tradewinds on 104.5 in St. Martin; then again in the VI on 92.3, and now on 104.5 in the Turks & Caicos…. You’re all the music we need aboard. Thanks and Keep it up!

  10. Hey Trade Wind Radio, I feel compelled to give you a shout out for the playlist and great DJ last Saturday (July 20th). Some friend were sailing to Jost Van Dyke with the radio blasting your selections, sun, wind, great tunes…Kudos!! JP Melanson

  11. also there was another song played that same day (Thursday in turks and caicos islands) that I cant find and it was a parody to guantanamera called ‘ I needed one ton tomato’ can anyone find me these two songs to download ?

    1. Hello! Patricia ;} I believe the song you are asking about is called “Two Ton Tomatoes” by The Barefoot Man from the album Rum and Coconut Water. It seems like a good combo for the afternoon; being barefoot, eating tomatoes and drinking rum and coconut water! Happy Hunting!

  12. whats the song I heard recently on the radio when I was out fishing where this guy sings about hes puking again over the side of the boat ???

  13. Off to the Beach today with Tradewinds jamming on the portable. Thanks for providing the entertainment for a hard days work with the sand and surf!

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